About Me

I moved to the Park Circle neighborhood of North Charleston in 2006. It was the first time I had a yard to speak of. It was basically a blank slate. There was an azalea hedge across the front of the house and one along both sides of the lot. There was(still is) a large oak tree in the front yard. The previous owner might have been a gardener - she was in the garden club, and there is evidence of past flower beds - bricks found under the grass and bulbs that come up every year.

I spent a couple of years trying to decide what I wanted our yard to look like, and finally decided to act. Not knowing exactly what I wanted, I laid out beds and killed grass - I figured if we didn't like it, I could always redo it. It's taken a lot longer and it been harder work than I expected, but I've enjoyed the process. My plans keep changing slightly over the years, but the overall goal is the same - to have a nice-looking, low-maintenance, yard with year-round interest.

At some point I decided I wanted write about this process. It started out as a record of my progress. Now it has turned into something I want to share with friends and neighbors with similar interests, and hopefully we can learn from each other.