20 May 2013

Memorial Day Milestone

If you follow me on Twitter - @PCHomestead - or if you look at the feed on the right side of the blog, you already know about the site's milestone.  Last week, Park Circle Homestead reached 10,000 hits.  It's not a huge deal, but I thought it was an occasion to celebrate.

I started this blog in 2009 as a way to keep track of what I was doing in the yard - remembering how I did
things previously, whether they worked, and keeping a photographic record of the yard's progress.  Since then, I have gotten chickens and become a certified Master Gardener and the blog has become more of a way to help people garden smarter - including myself.

After getting chickens, I started following a couple of popular chicken blogs.  One of the things that they did was they had giveaways.  Someone or some company would donate an item and there would be a drawing for it.  There were specific rules about leaving comments on the blog to enter etc.  I have been entering them on a regular basis - not every one, but for giveaways that I really like, and I won one last year - the print shown above.  So, I've decided to do the same thing, in celebration of reaching 10k hits.  Stay tuned.  The giveaway is up next!

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