29 August 2012

Simple DIY Compost Bin

 I've wanted to do a lot more composting around my yard, but didn't know where to start.  Recently I attended a local weekend "gardening school" where I learned about composting.  An easy compost bin made from wire fencing made my day and I wanted to share it:

Take a 10-foot length of wire fencing, about four feet high.  You need something flexible enough to make a cylinder , but sturdy enough to stand on its own.  I recommended welded-wire fencing - make sure it has been "galvanized after welding".  This will prevent the joints from rusting prematurely.  You can get this type of fencing, and others, at home improvement stores and feed stores.  You can also look at the other fencing options they have as well.

Compost piles should be at least three feet wide and three feet high, and no more than five feet in each direction.  A 10-foot length of fencing will make a bin just over three feet wide.  You want it at least three feet tall - that is why I recommend fencing at least three and a half feet tall.

Cut the fencing so that you have a few inches of wire to bend around the other end of the fencing when you make your cylinder.  If you have chosen a more rigid fencing, it will most likely stand on its own.  Don't worry if you are using something less sturdy, like chicken wire - you can use a few t-posts to keep it upright.

 Using these wire bins also makes it easy to turn your compost pile - unhook the wires holding the cylinder together, or just pick it up, and set it next to your pile.  Then use a shovel or garden fork to turn it back into the cylinder.

 Now that you have an easy-to-make compost bin, I hope everyone will be collecting all of their yard waste to use, instead of putting it on the curb...in plastic bags.

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