09 June 2012

Strange Eggs

One of our chickens must have broken her broody streak and started laying again.  Why do I say this?  Because I have started finding strange eggs almost every day this week.  I've heard the eggs can be a little weird when hens start laying, but I had never experienced it before.

The first few days we got a couple of tiny eggs, almost like that of a wild bird - Robin, Blue Jay, etc.  The third egg was a lot bigger and very elongated.  And finally the fourth egg had a weird shell - actually all of them seem to have weird shells - like they are really thick.  Maybe it's due to excess calcium that is being used up with these egg shells.  I'll be interested to break one open this weekend and see what we get.

The picture at the top represents a couple of the variations.  The middle egg is a normal size bantam egg.  The one to the left is one of the smaller ones that we got this week.  The one on the right is the elongated egg.  Now that I see this photo, it looks a little deformed as well.  The photo below is the weird shell.  There is as spiral pattern on the end of the egg, like something went wrong during the beginning or the end of egg formation.  I wonder if we'll get any more strange eggs?

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