15 June 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  On the fifteenth of every month, garden bloggers post photos of  what's blooming in their garden.  Let's start with potatoes.  I planted these potatoes almost a month late, and in bags as an experiment.  They were blooming the same time I was harvesting the ones in the ground.  Some of them look like they're doing really well.  We'll see in a few weeks.

As you can see, the sunflowers are starting to bloom the same time as our Echinacea.  This a smaller variation called something like "Bee's Knees".

Our Rose of Sharon, or Hybiscus syriacus, puts out a few blooms every spring, but it's never covered with them.  It's not my favorite, and I consider moving it every year - this time, back to where it was originally...

Just a smaller sunflower we have growing near the back yard.  It's only about waist-high, where the others are head-high.

I like this Canna.  I like the colors a lot.  And I hope to have more of it some day.  It's been invading our
yard from our neighbor's for the past couple of years.  It's in a shady spot, so it doesn't grow out of control, but we still get some blooms every year.

The Hostas under our oak tree are starting to bloom.  These are the first few flowers that have opened.  Ever since I started doing Bloom Day, I've been paying close attention to every possible flower bud in the yard, so I don''t miss it.  I'm talking to you, day lilies!

A few years ago, someone had dug these from their yard and put them in the trash.  I brought them home and eventually planted them.  It took them time to recover and I have about thirty of them now.  The spot I picked is less than ideal, so I've potted them and plant to transplant them somewhere that gets more sun.  Ironically, the edge of the shade is not very shady at all, and needs something there.  So, that's where they're going eventually.

Another bloom that I can't remember the plant name.  These were growing in our yard when we moved in six years ago.  They come back every year.  I like them.

We have some cucumber flowers - which means we'll be getting cucumbers soon.  I picked a trellising
variety and they're working out well.

I had some old zucchini seeds that I thought I would try - I got a few plants and this is one of the blooms.  You may be able to see some fruit at the bottom.

Some of our other Echinacea started blooming the other day.  It's a lot taller than the first one - a little paler too, I think.  You can see there's going to be a lot more blooms where that one came from.

I know it's not quite a bloom, but I noticed that our night-blooming cactus was trying to make a flower.  Maybe next month it will be ready for some good pictures to post here.

And, finally, some daylilies...

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