28 April 2012

Ninth Annual Spring Park Circle Plant Swap

It's that time of year again - time for another plant swap.  I feel like I say the same thing in every post, so I'm going to be lazy this time.  Here is a link to every other time I've done this:  Plant Swaps

Now that that's over I can give you an idea of what I took to and came home with:

Narcissus bulbs
Root Beer plants
Cream irises
Lavender irises
Giant sunflowers
Tropical hibiscus
Garden phlox
Dwarf papyrus
Pickerel weed

And lots of lots of pots!

So here's what I brought home:
Mimosa tree
Angel's trumpets
Stokes aster
Day lilies
Giant sunflowers
Spider plant

And a few things that I don't remember, plus different pots!

As we go to more of these things, I end up taking more and coming home with less.  It make sense - In the beginning, I saw it as, "FREE PLANTS!" and I brought home everything I could.  Generally, 20 percent would die in the driveway before I got around to doing something with them.  As the years went on, I became more selective - which meant I brought home fewer plants and a smaller number of plants died in the driveway.  All of this is a good - this year I have plans for most of the plants I brought home and they shouldn't stay in the driveway long - especially with as hot as it has become lately.

So that's it - that's my plant swap blog post.  Hope everyone enjoyed it.  See you next post.

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