04 February 2012

Look what I won!

Recently I began following a couple of chicken blogs that Robin read about in Country Living magazine.  One of them, Tilly's Nest, had a giveaway for a colorful aluminum sign from Baimbridge Farm Goods - you received one entry for commenting on the post, another for liking them on Facebook, and so on.  You could get up to five entries for this drawing.  I did all of those things, because the signs are really neat - I thought we could decorate the chicken coop with them.  Unfortunately, I didn't win.

Another blog I follow, Hen Blog, had a drawing for a print by someone on Etsy - Automatte - I thought her work was nice and thought I would try winning this one.  The entry requirements was similar - you got multiple chances for commenting, liking them, etc.  I wasn't sure I felt like doing all of that for this contest.  It appeared I had to friend them on Facebook and some other things I didn't want to do - a little more that the other drawing.  I entered once by commenting on the post, and I told myself I might do the other things later.  I forgot to do it, and I remembered seeing a post about a winner, but it wasn't me.  It turned out to be the other chicken blog, so when I got an email today telling me I had won, I was really surprised.  So I should be getting a print in the mail next week!

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