08 August 2011

New Rain Gauge

I've been looking all over for a good rain gauge, but I have had a lot of trouble finding one.  Last year I bought the only one Lowe's had - a tiny glass tube with markings on the outside.  It soon got broken and I don't know how.  I'm guessing it could have been a stray shovel or rake handle - who know?  I bought a second one just like it and everything was fine, until the measurements wore/washed off.  Luckily there were some still on it when we did Ella's science fair project, but they were gone soon after.

In my search for a new rain gauge, I've found a lot of similar ones, or none at all.  The other day I found a combination rain/sprinkler gauge.  I wasn't happy with it at first, because it looked like the only way to secure it was with a stake in the ground.  It was also too complicated for what I needed.  You could also hang the larger rain gauge from a nail or screw, but from the top, which I think would interfere with its accuracy.

After looking around some more, I found this same one again, and after looking at it some more, I realized that I could make it work.  The smaller gauge has a place to hang it on a nail or screw, and the larger gauge will lift out of the smaller one, in order to read the measurements and pour out the rain.  The one thing I remember from growing up, is the rain gauges my dad and grandfather used had raised hash marks where the measurements were - so if the writing wore off, you still had the raised plastic to indicate the amount of rain.  This one doesn't go that far, but it seems like it will be a better rain gauge and last longer than the first one I bought.

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