17 June 2011

You Crow, You Go!

I don't feel like we had the best shopping experience when it comes to the chickens we have.  One reason I say that is the guy at the store wasn't completely sure which were hens and which were roosters.  We took our chances and the guy said we could swap them if they turned out to be roosters.

Over the past few weeks we've been looking at them closely, trying to figure out which ones might be roosters.  Of the three standard chickens, we have a feeling that only one is a hen.  We had no idea about the silkie - until now.

Thursday morning I was checking on them after the rain, and giving them more food when I heard one crow twice - or tried - who can speak properly the first time one tries?  I didn't know which one it was, but I suspected the silkie, only because it was older than the others, and of course, it was the one that Robin and Ella fell in love with.  A short time later I went out to watch them for a few minutes, when I heard our neighbor's roosters crow.  Immediately the silkie perked up, flapped his wings, and crowed back!  That settles that - we're going to have to get rid of the silkie.

We haven't made any decisions yet, and he hasn't crowed again - to our knowledge - but if he is a he, the rule applies, "if you crow, you go."