20 April 2011


I've been slowly getting rid of grass to mow in our yard - replacing it with some other landscaping.  We've got a narrow strip of grass along one side of our driveway that I've been wanting to replace with a groundcover, like ajuga, for a long time.  We have a few plants in our yard and I got a few from the plant swap last fall.  Amy Dabbs, a Clemson Extension agent, brought some last time and I she said she had more if I wanted more.  Instead of getting it from her, I was hoping she would bring some more to the next swap.  Unfortunately there wan't much there this last time.

The next day on craigslist, someone posted that they were getting rid of theirs, free for whoever wanted it.  I went expecting to get all of their ajuga, but another person showed up to get some as well.  It didn't matter, because they had enough to go around.

This ajuga is not the compact variety that we have in our yard, but it was free all the same.  It's got large, floppy leaves and, at this point, a tall, almost two-foot, flower stalk.  I couldn't plant it that afternoon, but I planned to get out there first thing in the morning.  I managed to get the grass dug up and the hundreds of ajuga plants in the ground by lunchtime.  I've spent almost every day since watering them, making sure they don't die - it has been fairly warm during the past couple of weeks.  It doesn't help that it's getting more sun than I expected, especially since they like a little more shade.  If I can get them adjusted to their new environment, I'll be doing fine.  Wish me luck!

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