03 January 2011

After the Freeze

The new year is a time for starting over.  In some ways I mean that literally around our house.  I can't say I was taken by surprise by the cold weather that hit us in early December, but I was surprised how long and how cold it was.  I could say that I was preoccupied with Ella's green roof science fair project - which I was - but the fact is, I would have been unprepared even if I hadn't been doing something else.

The extended cold really did a number on all of our winter vegetables - broccoli, onions, lettuce.  I've pretty much given up on them - I just haven't pulled them out of the ground nad thrown them into the composter yet.

I also had tender and somewhat hardy houseplants outside - only a few might live when warm weather comes around again.  Other plants I'll hold onto and see what happens to them as well.  So, I am making a sort of fresh start.  I need to get out in the garden and pull up the old vegetables and I think I'm just going to plant lettuce and spinach - it'll be more low maintenance and I can easily cover it when I have to - if I remember.

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