27 May 2010


Before I had daylilies, there seemed to be so much hype surrounding them - all the different varieties, etc. So, last March, I bought some off of craigslist - they were just putting out new growth, so I had to wait with anticipation to find out what colors they would be.

Once they finally bloomed, I was a little disappointed. They were mostly yellow, some having touches of red on the edges. I tried to cross pollinate one last year, but I didn't get any seed from it. Oh yeah - another disappointing thing about daylillies? Blooms last only a day.

I've got a different outlook this year. I plan to catalog and label each of them, so I know what color each of them is - and maybe I'll try some cross pollination again.

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Paul said...

There are many other colors out there besides yellow. Sounds like whoever was selling them on Craig's List was trying to unload some older varieties.

Keep dabbing the pollen - I often find that I can not get seed on the first try. It's like the daylilies need to get "primed". Don't try crossing when it has rained - water is the enemy of daylily pollen. Also don't try it when it is over 85 degrees.

Good luck

Paul Bourret