16 April 2010

Yucca vs. Landscapers

There are a few interesting yuccas in front of an apartment building on my route. I've been interested in them the past few years. They're not just green - they're more pale and a little blue. I did some research and, to the best of my knowledge, they called yucca pallida. Last year, one of them started to produce a flower spike. Once it straightened up, the small stems that hold the flowers started to pop out, and just as the flowers were about to open...the landscape maintenance crew chopped it off! That's how life goes sometimes.

When I got back from vacation last week, I noticed that all three of these yuccas were forming flower spikes and I thought I would document this - including when they get chopped off again. I managed to get a few photos, but it was with my cell phone, so they're not the best. This is just a little something I wanted to write about and I'll post an update if (when) they get chopped off.

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CatPuppies said...

Would you want some seeds from the flowers? Maybe you could ask maintenance to leave one of the spikes up for you to collect seeds! Worth a shot :)