14 March 2010


I know I usually do something outside before I have something to write about, but my friend Russ told me about a site that lets you manage your garden online. It's called MyFolia.com and I was hooked immediately.

Depending upon the size of your garden - vegetable or other - there could be a lot of information to enter initially. You have to create "beds" and add "plantings" - the site will ask you where your plants or seeds came from originally. Some of these details are optional, while others aren't. This became a problem when I was inputting information for plants I was starting from seeds that I had collected from the wild. In these cases, I had to add these seeds to my "seed stash" before I could use them in a "planting".

As the process got more complicated, I debated whether this was something I should be spending my time on, but I think I'm going to see it through. I think I have all of my vegetable garden info online now, and I'm slowly adding other plants as I find a place for them - in the yard and online.

There are some features that you have to be a subscriber to use, but I haven't spent too much time dwelling on those. I'm happy with what there is for now. They have widgets to display on your site, like "Last 3 Plantings" or "Last 3 Harvests", but I feel like these give too little information. ( I've added these widgets to this blog but, will most likely replace them with a link to my MyFolia page.) MyFolia.com, in contrast, tries to be a one-stop shop for all your gardening needs, including a blog. While I plan to use it as a place to collect detailed information about my gardening activities, it will never replace my blog. To view my MyFolia page, click here.

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