10 February 2010

Goodbye Paul James!

I woke up Sunday morning to discover that Paul James' show "Gardening by the Yard" is no longer showing on HGTV. Over the last couple of years, its schedule has changed a few times, even airing twice a week for a time last year. For the most part, they were reruns, except for a handful of episodes last year - I still watched them every time they were on. There may be segments that might not interest me at one time, but they might on a future viewing.

I heard last year that his show was canceled, but I never read anything definitive, and HGTV was still airing "Gardening by the Yard" - until Sunday. His show was the last real gardening show on TV. Shows are more likely to involve "landscaping" or "design". Plants are used as design elements, so you don't learn anything about the plants horticulturally.

I did find Paul James' website today, which includes a blog and other content. That will keep me busy for now, and hopefully his show will return to TV, if only in reruns.

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Darren said...

I don't get HGTV anymore, but I use to LOVE watching Paul James!! I have an autographed picture and somewhere there is a picture of Paul, Myself and my wife. I really need to find it.
Thanks for the link to his website and Blog. I will have to hope maybe he will reappear somewhere.