22 November 2009

Around the Garden

There's a lot of things I've been wanting to do around the yard lately. I've been procrastinating, but I have to get myself in gear before the weather turns cold for good. I just got a couple of citrus plants from Darren and I've decided I want to keep all of them in pots, so I can protect them during any bad winter weather. I've got two planted in the yard that I may dig up and put into pots. Today I wanted to set up my composter near the vegetable garden and get it started with the leaves I need to rake up and some of my neighbors grass clippings, but it's been cold and rainy most of the day.
I had more to say, but as I am finishing this on Thanksgiving, I will just add a little about the photo in this post. I bought a tiny Butterwort in a "Death Cube" at Lowes. It was on clearance for 49 cents, so I figured I couldn't lose. Once acclimated to the outdoors, I put it in my bog with the pitcher plants, not knowing what might happen. It survived the summer and, I believe, thrived. It spread little by putting out more rosettes, but what surprised me last week was that it bloomed! I really wasn't expecting that. I don't know if it will survive our mild winter, but we'll have to see. Happy Thanksgiving.


cat said...

nice little butterwort! It's nice to see how wet you keep your pitcher plants. My one and only pitcher plant died on me, I think due to it being too dry overall (though still damp). What other carnivorous plants do you have?

Jenion said...

I really had no expectations about the butterwort. I didn't know what variety it was and it looked like it could have a range of needs. I don't think the CPs started out as wet. Once I do a little spring cleaning and maintenance they will be sitting higher up. When I bought the pitchers I also got a flytrap and a sundew. I gave up on the sundew, b/c it was hard to manage - everything stuck to it! I was striving for low maintenance and that wasn't. My flytrap didn't survive to see the bog, but I came to the conclusion that VFs like it drier than PPs - feet wet definitely, but not sitting in water.

cat said...

Yep that seems about right for VFT :)

I just fed my VFT some fish food pellets last week. Looking forward to seeing what is left when they re-open. I am trying to get my hands on a few butterworts now after reading your post here :) They'll be kept indoors here.