12 August 2009

Downtown excursion and more procrastination

I've been lazy some more lately. I've got plans to redo the garden, but I'm putting it off a little longer. I think I'll be getting the concrete blocks next week. Once I get those, I'll get the compost and plant whatever I can at the time and then put in onions in about a month and a half.

I thought I would post this photo I took recently. It seems like I've seen this before years ago, but that was before I knew what I was really looking at. I noticed this one before we went on vacation and I had a chance recently to go downtown and take a picture. I really can't believe how tall it is. For anyone interested, it's on Coming Street near the Crosstown.

Lately I've just been doing little things around the yard - throwing away dead plants, potting things that I found, propagating plants for the plant swap in late September. Hopefully I'll come up with another post very soon.


Robin Condon said...

It's been REALLY hot. You're allowed to be lazy. Now go make me some tomatoes!! Love you

Jenion said...

We rode by this house today and they had chopped down the spike and it was laying in a pile of trash at the curb. I was so disappointed!